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Gas proportional counting in carbon dating

It is estimated that floods have damaged 2,433 miles of highway and 3,508 miles of railway, and Pakistan’s power infrastructure has sustained substantial damages.

Floodwaters destroyed and estimated 700,000 acres of cotton, 200,000 acres each of rice and cane, 500,000 tons of wheat, 300,000 acres of animal fodder, and 200,000 herd of livestock.

This assumption does not consider long-term changes in natural source and sink rates.

The long-term proxied ice core data for atmospheric CO2 concentrations indicate that these natural changes are significant and should be considered in any mass balance type of calculation.

The above plot is point to point on averages of monthly averages of 18 sets of data.

The resulting concentration coefficient is an estimate of the average organic origin index value for the time period regressed.

The ratio of the measured 13CO2 index to this value gives an estimate of the organic fraction.

The observed variations in both plots appear to be mirror images as one should expect. Anthropogenic Emissions assumes uniform global distribution with no sink rate and is shown for comparison with the net measured rates.

To reduce the error estimates and improve the signal to noise ratio, both sets of data were smoothed by calculating running three months averages. by Judith Curry and Peter Webster The 2010 Pakistan floods began in July 2010 following following a series of heavy monsoon rains in the northern part of the country.

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The Scripps data set from sites that were selected to represent background, has the longest time coverage for both CO2 and 13CO2 index.

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